FB Ad Basics Webinar

Want to run some ads on Facebook?
Let us show you how.

Do you want to have your listings seen by more people?

Are you afraid it will cost a lot or be too hard?

Sad that the newspaper isn’t what it used to be?

Well, you need to run ads on FACEBOOK!

Sign up below to join us on Monday, 4/6 for a short but info-packed webinar on running Facebook ads for real estate. This will be powerful information if you have never run your own ad and want to be empowered to do it yourself. There is no cost to the webinar! We are excited to see you there.

WHEN: Monday 4/6/2020

TIME: 10:00-10:30 AM

WHERE: Our private Zoom call

What if I miss it?: We will record it
and can send you a link.

Sign up here, once you sign up you will receive an email with the link to our call and our password. Email david@newlistingmedia.com with any questions and I would love to help. 

FB Ad Webinar

  • No spam, just to email you a reminder. We promise 🙂
  • Can't promise we will get to them all, but we would love to be as helpful as we can be! See you Monday!

Need more help? Let’s talk!

In this time of lockdown, we would love to help you in any way we can. We can set up a Zoom video call to talk about and issues you may be having or brainstorm your plans to work within the Governer’s order. We are here to help.

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New Listing Media


Locally owned and operated, NLM is based in Holland, Michigan. A growing team of professional media producers that love to beautify West Michigan with the best listing media. You will get to know everyone on the team as you work with NLM. 

David Jeffries

David Jeffries

Co-Owner | david@newlistingmedia.com

David is a content marketer and creative. He loves creating visual content. David has worked extensivity in social media, web & graphic design, video, and content marketing. David writes for ShootingSpaces.net – a real estate photography and videography professional resource.

Jon Boes

Jon Boes

Co-Owner | jon@newlistingmedia.com

A professional through and through, Jon is a master behind the camera. With over 10 years of professional video experience, he is ready to put your message and your listings in front of thousands.
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